Please see below the available links for the live webcast of upcoming and recent Funeral Services.

When you click the relevant link, it takes you to a title page for the Funeral.

Depending on where the Service is being held, and who is hosting the live stream, the page may also show the name, time, day etc of the funeral, 

along with a start time, displayed in the time zone of the country that you are watching the link from.  

On these pages, when it gets within an hour or so of start time, this automatically changes to a countdown timer.  

When the link goes live the page will automatically change to the live broadcast, there is no need to log in or do anything other than click on the hyperlink below.

Services where the live stream is being hosted by the Enfield Memorial Park have a page with a slightly different format, and require a PIN.  This will be included alongside the person's name.

If you are unable to watch the service as it is taking place, the respective link will remain available for at least 3 months, to allow you to watch it at your convenience.



Gus, Severino


Adair, Garry (Private Webcast)

Adnams, Michael

Anderson, Joy

Andrews, Suzanne

Anthony, Phyllis

Arnold, Dorothy

Arnold, Irene (PIN 3507)

Atwell, Shirley

Axford, Bruce

Ball, Alfred (PIN 1748)

Bareham, Harold (PIN 7754)

Barry, Brian

Barry, Marie

Beer, Heinz

Beier, Horst (PIN 3488)

Belton, Elva (PIN 3037)

Besednjak, Marilyn

Bickle, Margaret

Bickmore, Ronald Log In (Private Webcast)

Bicknell, Kenneth (Ben) (PIN 9651)

Bradshaw, Stephen (PIN 2167)

Brissenden, Alan

Broadbent, Bertha

Brook, Stanley

Brooks, Kevin

Brooks, Thelma (PIN 2167)

Brown, Lorna

Brown, William (PIN 6603)

Brumby, Wilf (PIN 6232)

Bugg, Keith (PIN 3591)

Bull, Lloyd (PIN 5774)

Burns, Peter

Burnside, Doug (PIN 5090)

Burtenshaw, Nance

Burton, Maurice (PIN 3598)

Busbridge, Joyce (PIN 1420)

Butler, Coral

Butler, Joe

Carnazzola, Franca

Christiansen, Ian

Cioffi, Antimo

Clarke, Geoffrey

Coomans, Theodorus (Ted) (PIN 7273)

Coppinger, Jim

Cortis, Gemma

Costello, Mark (PIN 7747)

Coulter, Jan

Cox, Raymond (PIN 8639)

Cross, Betty (Paddy)

Crouch, Errol (PIN 3648)

Culbert, Norman (PIN 5964)

Dabinet, Valda (PIN 5590)

D'Addona, Angelo

Dallow, Ruth

Damiani, Ennio

Da Ros, Silvano

Deanshaw, Carol (PIN 1119)

Diprose, David

Ditter, Judith

Dixon, Elaine

Dixon, Leslie

Dohnt, Eleanor

Duell, Ian

Duke, Betty

Edwards, Robyn (PIN 3074)

Fitzpatrick, Nicholas

Flintoft, Trevor

Folauhola, Christina

Foley, Dr John

French, Jeremy (PIN 7681)

Gagliardi, Leonardo

George, Allan

George, Graeme

Gordon, Elsie (PIN 1654)

Grace, Grant

Gray, Paul (PIN 2242)

Green, Francis (Bill)

Green, Olive

Grummet, Philip (PIN 9123)

Hales, Alice

Hall, Kenneth

Hall, Nancy (view)

Hall, Nancy (download)

Hall, Sheila

Hamann, Jessie

Hamilton, Norman (PIN 3185)

Hardie, Rita

Harrop, John

Hatswell, Edith

Hay, Mary (PIN 7261)

Heida, Margaret

Henderson, Malcolm (Pin 4674)

Hendrie, Jillian

Hobbs, Barry

Hofmann, Maria (PIN 2501)

Hood, Mary

Hough, Jeanette

Irvine, Edna

Ivanovic, Mirko (Private Webcast)

Jenkins, Franklyn (PIN 5234)

Jenkins, Marianne

Johns, Rodney (PIN 1384)

Jones, Phyllis

Joves, Mylene

Keneally, Gavin

King, John (PIN 6949)

Kinsman, Mary

Kleinschmidt, Teodor

Kononiuk, Helena (PIN 8187)

Korbel, Teresa (PIN 3798)

Kosandiak, Lynda

Krake, Phillip

Lang, Jean

Lange, Ruth

Larsen, Nathan

Ledgard, Frank

Leech, Elsbeth

Lehmann, Irene

Lehmann, Murray

Liebelt, James (PIN 6707)

Leith, David

Lucchesi, Emanuele

Lumsden, Jean (PIN 1663)

Manfield, Gay

Mansbridge, Percy

Mappas, Antonio

Martin, Donald (PIN 2033)

Martin, Ernest (PIN 3460)

Martin, Margaret (PIN 8176)

Masopust, Valda

Matear, Harry

Maynard, Robert (PIN 5276)

Maxwell, Joan (PIN 1288)

McAuley, Michael

McDeed, Donald

McDonald, Joyce

McGowan, Angela (PIN 9627)

McInerney, Eugene (PIN 2298)

McInerney, Marilyn

McKinnon, Kenneth

McRae, Faith

Mead, Geoffrey (PIN 4875)

Meadows, Barry

Meharry, Murray

Millar, Howard

Mitchell, Mollie

Milne, Shirley (PIN 3309)

Monteleone, Geoff

Mortimer, Heather (PIN 5208)

Mosbey, Robert (Bob) (PIN 2859)

Mower, Lois

Moyle, Maureen

Mundy, Brian

Murdoch, Walter

Muscat, Sonya (PIN 9134)

O'Connell, Dianne (PIN 9492)

Ondati, Florence (PIN 6309)

Opperman, Marchien (Mary) (PIN 5507)

O'Riley, Ronald

O'Toole, Michael

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