Our Services

Standard Service Fee

An entire range of services that we facilitate on your behalf, are included in our Standard Service Fee as follows:

  • Facilities to affect the movement of the deceased to our mortuary at any hour
    (including public holidays at no extra charge).
  • Use of our chapel for viewing and/or identification of the deceased.
  • Qualified staff to attend to necessary hygienic preparation, care and dressing of the deceased.
  • Procurement of doctor’s certificates and processing of all paperwork to facilitate the registration of the death, and ordering of cremation permit and Death Certificate from Registrar, as required.
  • Advice of death to Centrelink.
  • Preparation and insertion of all notices in the newspaper (local, interstate and overseas) and on the MyTributes website, if posted in The Advertiser (or affiliated News Concierge).
  • Ordering of flowers for the funeral.
  • Liaising with clergy or celebrant.
  • Arrange for musicians such as organist, singers, pipers etc. (as required).
  • Liaising with cemetery or crematorium.
  • Supply of a memorial book for mourners to sign.
  • Arrange for printing of memorial cards or hymn sheets (as required).

Please note: Any Third-Party disbursement costs associated with the above will be charged accordingly. Third-Party disbursement costs are determined by the organisations which provide those services.

Our policy is to provide you with a professional service without placing a financial burden on your family.

Please call us if we can assist you in any way.

Service Costs and Options

Standard Professional Service Fee


No two funerals are the same. As such, the overall cost of each service can vary greatly, depending on individual wishes and/or requirements. Our consultants will work closely with you to tailor a service specific to your needs. At the time of making the arrangements, we will provide an estimate of the costs involved, based on that initial discussion, and the information available at that time.
As the arrangements progress, we will provide updates to any changes in costs, if applicable.

Additional Standard Service Options

– Polished Flat Lid Coffin
– Single-Raised Lid Coffin
– After Hours or Weekend Additional Fee



The choice of coffin or casket, like all aspects of funeral arrangements, is a very personal one. Ivan Butler never considered himself to be a salesperson, and this belief has been passed on to his son Michael, and our staff. We will never influence your decision to have you choose a more expensive option. From the most basic coffin through to the most elaborate casket, or even a vinyl-wrapped design with personalised printing, the choice is yours.

If the funeral service is held in our chapel, you may wish to make use of our lounge facilities for refreshments. This includes tea, coffee, biscuits, water and cordial. You are welcome to provide further catering, or we can assist with ordering if required.

All prices listed above include G.S.T.

All other Third-Party disbursement costs that apply will be charged accordingly.
These include, but may not be limited to:

  • Cemetery/Crematorium fees (including Chapel/Lounge if required)
  • Clergy/Church fees
  • Celebrant
  • Floral Tributes
  • Press Notices
  • Memorial Card/Service Sheet printing
  • Slide Show Presentations
  • Webcasting of the Service
  • Doctors’ Certificates for Cremation
  • Cremation Permit
  • Death Registration and Certificate
  • Mourning Cars for the Family
  • Musician/Vocalist fees

Our standard payment terms are as follows:
A deposit is required in the days leading up to the service. Then, following the service, our itemised invoice detailing all costs, any payments received, and the outstanding balance owing, will be issued.
The final balance will be due within 21 days from the date of the invoice.

No Service Option

For various reasons, you or your loved one may not wish to have a funeral service in the traditional sense. Therefore, we offer a simplified arrangement, known as a direct cremation or burial. This is a no service, no attendance arrangement, whereby we liaise directly with the crematorium or cemetery to arrange the cremation or burial directly.
For these arrangements, we have a reduced Professional Service Fee as follows:

Burial: $3495.00 (including G.S.T.)
Cremation: $2995.00 (including G.S.T.)

These fees include a basic unpolished custom board coffin.

The opportunity for the family to use our chapel for viewing/I.D. is available.

Disbursement costs that will apply include, but may not be limited to:

– Cemetery/Crematorium fees
– Doctors’ Certificates for Cremation
– Cremation Permit
– Death Registration and Certificate