Ivan Butler’s caring assistance isn’t limited to the funeral.

After the emotion of the funeral, it’s natural to ask “What’s next?”

Whilst we may not have all the answers, we will be able to advise who you need to speak to.

Some frequently asked questions include:

  • When will I receive the Death Certificate?

The death will be registered with the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages on your behalf, following the cremation or burial. 
The Certified Copy of the Death Certificate is applied for at this time, and may take 10-20 business days to be processed and sent to our office.

If the Coroner is involved, the first certificate issued will be an ‘interim’ one, which contains the same information as the full certificate except the cause of death.  Once the Coroner has established the cause of death and advised the Registrar’s office, a full copy of the death certificate will be issued.

  • What happens to the cremated remains (ashes) after the cremation?

If you have instructed the ashes to remain at the crematorium, you will need to liaise directly with them regarding placement in a selected memorial site or collection.

If you have instructed the ashes to be returned to our funeral home, under most circumstances they will be in our care within a few days following the cremation.  The ashes will be returned to us in a non-biodegradable container. 
They may remain in our care (free of charge) until you are ready to collect them or provide further instructions.

If someone other than the nominated representative is collecting the ashes, written approval will need to be provided for them to do so.

  • Who needs to be notified?

There may be several agencies and organisations who need to be notified of your loved one’s death in order to assist in the administration of their estate. 
For example, the executor of the Will, banks, government services, utilities, insurers, just to name a few.

The Federal Government has established the Australian Death Notification Service that may assist with this process. 
This is a free service supported by the Births, Deaths and Marriages registries across Australia, to help make challenging times a bit easier.

You can notify multiple services, including financial, insurance and superannuation institutions, telecommunications and utility providers, government services and more.

Please visit The Australian Death Notification Service for further information, or to begin the process.

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