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Arranging A Funeral

In order to prepare for your funeral arrangements, we recommend that you consider gathering special photos, memorabilia, religious passages or even favourite songs or musical selections. Your funeral arranger can suggest meaningful ways to create a service which follows your express desires. Considerations may include:

• Where and when you would like the funeral service?
• Would you like a viewing to say a final, physical goodbye? If so, what clothes would you like your loved one to wear?
• Is there a particular celebrant or clergy member who you would like to conduct your service?
• Consider all service options for a memorable and fitting service.
• Would you prefer cremation or burial?
• Consider and reflect on some of the key features which defined your loved one that may be integrated into the service.

The funeral service is the key element of the funeral process and while the funeral arrangement is designed, ultimately, to plan the details of your loved one’s funeral, it is important to note that these are your funeral wishes. We are simply here to facilitate your wishes and guide you through the journey.

Grief and loss professionals believe that a memorable funeral helps families to come to terms with their loss and move on through the immediate grieving process. It is our aim to deliver your wishes, and this is one of the differences that we feel stands us out from other funeral service providers.