An entire range of services that we facilitate on your behalf, are included in our Standard Service Charge which includes:
  • Facilities to effIBF entranceect the movement of the deceased to our mortuary at any hour (including public holidays at no extra charge).
  • Use of our chapel for viewing and/or identification of the deceased.
  • Unlimited use of our lounge for refreshments after the service.
  • Qualified staff to attend to necessary hygienic preparation, care and dressing of the deceased, including embalming when required.
  • Procurement of doctor’s certificates and processing of all paperwork to facilitate the registration of the death and, ordering of cremation permit and Death Certificate from Registrar as required.
  • Advice of death to Centrelink.
  • Preparation and insertion of all notices in the press (local, interstate or overseas).
  • Ordering of flowers for the funeral.IBF back door
  • Liaison with clergy or celebrant. Arrange for musicians such as organist, singers, pipers etc as required.
  • Liaison with cemetery or crematorium.
  • Supply of a memorial book for mourners to sign.
  • Arrange for printing of memorial cards or hymn sheets as required.
  • Our policy is to provide you with a professional service without placing a financial burden on your family. Please call us if we can help you in any way.
when you need it the most