IVan Butler Funerals | Pre-PaidThe Ivan Butler Pre–Paid Funeral Plan, allows you to plan for your funeral, according to your personal requirements. Our Plan relieves your family of any unnecessary confusion and financial burden regarding funeral expenses.

Decisions can be made logically and less emotionally about financial expenses, rather than at a time of grief. Under the current Pre–Paid Funerals Code of Practice Regulations 2011, all Pre-Paid monies are required to be invested with an approved funeral fund manager. A numbered Pre–Paid Funeral Contract is prepared, detailing your precise wishes and expenses involved, in order to facilitate provision for the contracted service.

The decision to Pre–Pay is of course yours, and you are under no obligation to do so however, if you choose against this option, you may consider completing our booklet 'My Personal Wishes', as an appropriate alternative.

Your requirements are detailed in the same manner, but without the financial commitment.

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